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In the Northwest, it can get pretty foggy and cold. So if you're looking for a good defense, make yourself some London Fog.

London Fog

Making London Fog with Earl Gray Tea, Milk, Vanilla Bean and Sugar

We made a cup of the wintry warmer--which bears a passing resemblance to sipping a marshmallow--and talked with Daniela Cubelic, tea master (a title that takes years of training to obtain) and proprietor of Victoria tea shop Silk Road, about how to make the ultimate London Fog.

Your Earl Grey Just Got a Lot More Exciting

How to Make the Perfect London Fog

A drawing on how to make your own London Fog latte - I would like to try this with double strength Earl Grey.

Step out onto a street in Chile in the Summertime, and you're likely to find this fruity and filling drink - trust us, it's pretty darn peachy.

I had NO idea...

Red Solo Cup, I fill you up! Did you know that the lines on a Solo Cup are measurement marks? Another reason to love my red solo cup!

Chá Gelado Americano | Tá com Sede?

This recipe uses a coffee maker to make perfectly-brewed sweet tea. A supervisor at a bank where I worked back in gave me this fail-proof recipe.