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Grotesque GARGOYLE of a man with a long flowing beard (a monk?) writing in a LEDGER with a quill pen. At THE BRITANNIA (circa 1909), 527 West 110th Street, New York City. The grotesques are meant to symbolize “some form of the homely art of housekeeping.”  Waid & Willauer, designers.

Meet Me Under the Gobbling Gargoyles

Grotesque gargoyle at The Britannia, New York City, c. by Waid & Willauer

110th happy gargoyle !

cook, stirring a pot and taking a taste: Morningside Heights. The Britannia at 527 West Street.

Gargoyle on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

♥ This owl gargoyle is adorable with his beak in a book ♥ (Washington University, St.

I love his warm color!  Church Street, Old City area of Philadelphia.  by moocatmoocat via flickr

The Imperial House of Vallely both revere and revile dragons. The Vallely dynasty emblem has been a dragon for 500 years, but the Cold Chaos Dragon recently claimed Emperor Maxcillion's life, in and is hunted accordingly.


another NY gargoyle * * * Gargoyles are sculptured creatures that are used as rain spouts; any other sculptured creatures on buildings are called grotesques.