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Tiramisu.... like this recipe bc of the chocolate custard, but use bailey's or Kahlua instead of hot chocolate!

Chocolate Tiramisu (No Alcohol, No Coffee)

Tiramisu dessert.A luxurious Italian dessert made with velvety Italian cream cheese called mascarpone.

Tiramisu Dessert

Tiramisu Dessert: 6 eggs,separated cup granulated sugar 1 mascarpone cheese cup strongly brewed President's blend Espresso Coffee cup coffee-flavored liqueur(Kahlua) 24 Italian-style ladyfingers(Savoiardo) unsweetened cocoa powder

Tiramisu - fresh cream, mascarpone, 3 egg yolks, Boudoir

Tiramisu - many variations of this basic recipe- date syrup to give the mascarpone some edge, a cardamom or two to uplift the coffee, a splash of citrus or berries with the ladyfinger layer.

Tiramisu Recipes: Tiramisu Recipe Ingredients: coffee, coffee liqueur, cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, milk, vanilla, ladyfingers, baking cocoa

Make-Ahead Tiramisu

Tiramisu Brownies - The Italian word "tiramisu" translates to "pick me up" which describes how you'll feel after trying some of these popular desserts. Find tiramisu recipes as well as tiramisu trifles, tiramisu brownies, tiramisu cheesecake and more.