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Dermatologists hate him!

Steve Roger/Captain America's Anti-Aging Secret - "Dermatologists Hate Him!" What's his secret?

I love this Avengers quote.

The Avengers- poor Captain America. I finally got that lol flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz :} he's adorable.

On dating Chris Hemsworth's daughter. Most amazing thing ever!  Hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth annoying the crap out of Chris' daughter as Loki and Thor.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures - 39 Pics

Funny pictures about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Also, Thor. Thor Everywhere.

Someone needs to add Sebastian before and after on here... ;)

Funny pictures about Marvel Super-Soldier Program Is Real. Oh, and cool pics about Marvel Super-Soldier Program Is Real. Also, Marvel Super-Soldier Program Is Real photos.

So glad that he is our guardian of the galaxy

24 Times "Parks & Rec" Made You Laugh Uncontrollably // When Andy revealed way, way too much.

My heart just ran away

"From the moment Odin saw Loki, he saw an instrument to end a war. From the moment Loki saw Odin, he saw someone he could love. Loki wanted Odin's approval so much he changed his form to look like an Asgardian. Even as a newborn.

You gotta love rdj... he doesn't make it as a cinnamon roll BUT he makes it as an amazing person

Oh I love this man. Laughing so hard right now. I'm pretty sure that in an alternate universe, Robert Downey Jr. Is in fact a llama. And in this universe llamas with hats is a true story.