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Are you all alone in your creepy old house late at night? Then now is the perfect time to look at the scariest GIFs ever.

de miedo gif 2

20 Gifs que te perseguirán hasta en tus sueños

This Is Actually A Good Story

This is messed up but in the most imaginative way. A very good cautionary tale! Holy crap to read all of it u got to tap on it

no dormira esta noche

Quien se atreva a ver estos gifs no va a dormir esta noche

Dos mistérios do edifício Joelma às lendas do Corpo Seco.

16 histórias assustadoras que vão te dar medo de dormir sozinho

Funny tumblr post

I'm on my couch smiling like an idiot. not actually laughing out loud in front of my family.

Dave did u eat all my red skittles? u-uh-uh-the thing is- why did u eat my skittles dave? i sorry! they wern't youres david.


17 Normal Things That Look Absolutely Terrifying After Watching A Scary Movie


yourmemorywill-carryon: the longer you watch it the scarier it gets.I sat there waiting for the gif to move and when it finally did, I almost crapped brix!