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dark .. love the photo. want to captures something like this.

siriuslyblackrules: “Sirius finds Marlene beaten up in the streets and takes care of her, for anon. It hasn’t been the first time that Marlene and Sirius fought.


This is Calis, an orphaned peasant girl. Cassie met and befriended her, and risked her life to save Calis's from the cruelty of the dark lord.

Don't know what is going on here but it is quite disturbing.

whitesoulblackheart: “Sasso d’Ombrone, Italy by Eline Spek “Solitude was my only consolation - deep, dark, deathlike solitude.” Mary Shelley (please leave credit and quote and kindly refrain from.

"But Tom it is a problem! You can't keep your fucking friends on a leash! A... a... and now they are treating me like shit. And, it hurts. they don't except me. And im afraid that you won't.,"

We feel emotions such as sadness and as a result cry because of our frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is associated with emotion.


Glow in the dark necklace / Glowing Necklace / Crystal Point Necklace / Real Flowers Necklace Looks like something straight out of the movie Atlantis

portrait, minimalism, pure, strong broken nose

Editors at 12 Magazine Defend Their 'Beauty' Editorial Featuring Brutally Injured Women. Last week we posted an editorial that appeared in 12 magazine called "Victim of Beauty", featuring close-up shots of perfectly made-up models sporting

Imagen de Ellen Karlsson

I randomly had the thought: What if there's a crystal in a dark dress and the color grows from there? Kinda inspired by this thought Auction Rules: - This Auction ends 24 hours after last bid.