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Momiji X

Each with a tiny hidden message inside. I had a blue kimono girl. Spread the love.

United Monsters: Pequeños maceteros con mucho estilo

United Monsters: Pequeños maceteros con mucho estilo

Hobby Design imagines planters made from concrete belonging to the collection called United Monsters. It is possible to customize these little monsters with acc

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Kinetic Rings Mimic the Flight of Birds. Kansas-based metalsmith and jeweler Dukno Yoon creates rings, bracelets, and other devices that mimic the movements of birds by harnessing the motion caused by the flick of the wrist or flexing of fingers.

Ida reminds me of you Lydia. I can't wait to show you this simple and elegant game.

Ida, the thieving princess from one of my favorite games, Monument Valley.

New Iron Giant 16" toy brought forth by Mondo @ the latest International Comic-Con in San Diego...

THE IRON GIANT The Iron Giant Collectible Figure The tall figure will have over 30 points of articulation, light features, and other fun surprises! Accompanying The Iron Giant will be a Hogarth.

juguete- matt-dixon-billy-allison

"To Boldly Go". Illustration by digital artist Matt Dixon and animated as a GIF by artist Billy Allison