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"What a beautiful day to go and lay topless on the roof of a sky scraper!"  - Fransisco

knowing you can bare your skin to the world and not get hurt makes you kind of invincible, sometimes

writing prompt

We were born into a world torn apart by religion. But you, will die in a world filled with Atheism and peace. -SL << That's disgusting.

Kate moss bob

Great eye makeup Kate Moss In 'Unconventional Rock Style' Vogue China December 2008 4

Open with Meg -))"okay I give in I'll let you know what you want to know just let me see my daughters" I pleaded-I look up weakly but then see its you trying to rescue me-I give a weak smile-"thought you didn't care"-I whisper-

" Booker spit blood in the mans face, earning him a solid punch to the abdomen. Well, there goes another rib. The man smiled, "You don't know her as well as I do then.