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Art Deco motor uit 1936

“ “Frank Westfall’s 1930 Art Deco Henderson motorcycle, which was built by O. Ray Courtney in 1936 and is based on a 1930 K.J Henderson. Grail Mortillaro of Knucklebuster spotted the bike at the Rhinebeck Grand National Super Meet. The bike is.

Moto deco 1930. I hate motorcycles but this is gorgeous

Henderson KJ Streamline 1930 Collection of Frank Westfall Photograph © 2013 Peter Harholdt

Стимпанк и дизельпанк - наше все!

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Mr Bean - the funniest man alive (and also the meanest!) My childhood was a better place because of this guy - but I still can't handle it when Rowan Atkinson speaks! Found Mr Bean funnier the older I got!

dieselpunk motorcycle

1950 Custom ‘Streamliner’, made by Orley Ray Courtney from a 1930 KJ Henderson Motorcycle.

Phantom Corsair

littlebunnysunshine: “ this may be the most beautiful vehicle i’ve ever seen. 1938 Phantom Corsair “The Phantom Corsair is a six-passenger coupé prototype automobile built in Designer Rust Heinz.

Gahhhhhh! | retro tricycle | two-wheel plus one

Luxury Sports Car tricycle - art deco Car Care: How to Store Your Classic Car or Sports Car Hot Rod


Ferrari Motorcycle Concept- The engine is a derived from the massive powering the Ferrari Enzo and it implements drive-by-wire technology as well as all the top notch features you would expect from an Italian engine.

Lol funny looking car!

Brütsch Mopetta ^What's that say? IDK, but I'll take a tiny car thing.

57 Chevy

57 Chevy Bel Air inspired bike by Arlen Ness.