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Xiao Wen Ju - Vogue U.S.

12 Blueprints PCA: Xiao Wen Ju - Vogue U. The purplish tones in the hair and brows along with yellow-brown in the eyes. One of the amazing possibilities in Bright Winter pigmentation.

Beautiful green eye girl.

Beautiful green eye girl.

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Skinny Love i love the colour difference in each eye and the shadow cutting off just under the eyes

33 Primo Images Freshly Extracted From The Internet - Wtf Gallery

33 Primo Images Freshly Extracted From The Internet

Albinism is a condition in which a person has an often complete lack of pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes. In not only occurs in humans but in all other vertebrates. Unfortunately, people with albinism face discrimination as many are ignorant towards their appearance.

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Connie Chiu is the first albino Chinese model with blue eyes and naturally white-blonde hair.

{ Wes Tucker } Hey. I'm Wes. I am 19 and single. I make YouTube videos. I am also a model. I'm not a very talkative I'm just kind of quiet. So introduce?

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"I play basketball, football, lift weights and like to party. mysterious not like the usual popular cheerleaders.

striking beauty: Raudha Athif | Olga Vetrova Photography

Maldivian model: raudha athif who passed away in RIP [ rest in peace ] Miss you my friend.