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Nail paints / Own Indian Ocean - LOOOVE

Models Own Indian Ocean is a pink to peach duochrome in a very sheer light blue base love this effect!

Whoa these tie dye nails are awesome!

Water Marble look without water. My daughter does this awesome, she calls it Tye-Dye nails :)

Amazing Galaxy nails.    I can't seem to find an original to credit for this stunning mani.

galaxy nails (AH my friend just showed me this picture a couple weeks back and I totally missed the pocket watch the first time!

Sooooo doing this for formal recruitment!!

Black nails with metallic gradient (glitter looks to be copper, silver & gold - different sizes.) Maybe use a black JELLY! Great for NEW YEARS EVE!

SPLATTER NAILS. The blog is in French, but you can use Google Translate for a basic idea of how to do it, plus there are pictures. ^-^

Splatter nails / Ou la manucure la plus relou de ma vie ! ^^

Dip the straw in your polish and blow onto nails for paint-splatter nail perfection. To stop the polish sticking to the cuticles or skin around the nails, use a cotton bud (Q-tip) to cover the areas in Vaseline

this is amazing! but it`s in French so I`m not 100% sure I actually got it.. :)

Les nimportetests de Pshiiit #1

Nowadays we use a a technique called water marbling to create Swirl nail art. It involves swirling together different colored nail polishes on nails.