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Well You never know XD

This is funny, idk why I'm doing this just am, since I've got friends that quality for this

These things are f***kin terrible don't repost them it will do nothing to you so don't repost

Fuck you I hate these posts that are like “repost or you’ll die” like fuck you! But imma do it anyway I ain’t taking no chances

Not taking any chances<<not taking any chances cause I'm driving

I'm sorry, but my mom's doing a bus thing for a church this week so I just can't risk it.

I'm just reposting to see if it works

Well, the love of my life can't kiss me cause he's in Kansas rn, but still reposting XD

This is weird.....but I do this anyway because why not~Chloe

Why do people screenshot these and then post them? Just REPOST why screenshot it