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Trajectum Lumen, Roman fort markings with light and mist (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Mollusk Mojo Although construction proceeded at a snail’s pace (it took 10 years to build), this colorful five-story house in Sofia, Bulgaria, was finally completed in 2009 by its contractor/owner. It’s built with lightweight concrete on a wire frame, and we’ll assume it complies with all regulations — a reminder to always check your local building codes before beginning any project of your own.

7 of the World's Most Mind-Blowing Houses: Artistic or Atrocious?: Upside-Down House

Vanaf de Domtoren in Utrecht heb je een fantastisch uitzicht over Utrecht en omgeving. Deze foto heeft Fotowedstrijd Utrecht 2011 gewonnen.

Winnaar Fotowedstrijd Utrecht 'De Dom in laserlicht' van Gerard Jansen.