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Growing up with a family that doesn't believe in any religion makes it to where I am open to everyones beliefs. Religion was never discussed among my family, nor was ever brought to be when I got older. I have my own beliefs.

Essentially this is correct according to Genesis chapter 1. BUT  God did create some kind of light in verses 3-4 to mark the passage of time. The sun and moon were created on day 4.

Funny pictures about Creationist logic. Oh, and cool pics about Creationist logic. Also, Creationist logic.

Watch Yourself because can't you see The Devil Satan is just right behind your back? Try evolution Satan said; and try Atheism, Satan said!

BETTER THE HOLY HERETIC THAN THE MALIGNANT CHRISTIAN! The Homiletic Review, Volume 33, page 487 > > > > Narrowed and Distorted by Idolatry: "I have seldom met an intelligent person whose views were not narrowed and distorted by religion." James Buchanan._ _ _ James Buchanan, Jr.    > > > Click image for "I was an infant when my mother went To see an atheist burned." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Poor religious people, feeling their religion is being attacked … like oh, how they have done to every other religio/belief system since like forever, including atheism, the lack of any belief system. Time to put the big boy / girl panties on and deal.

Women use emotion and men use logic. Nothing magical to men. just plain old basic logic. Nothing more nothing less.

Mark Twain I found this pinned on a board titled "Free Thinking". It's actually a serious subject, but I couldn't help but laugh; although I'm sure some people are outraged by it. I wonder what Mark Twain would think of us today.

The road to atheism is littered with bibles that have been read cover to cover. - Andrew L. Seidell

This is a part of atheist mythology. Atheists are encouraged to read the Bible from cover to cover AFTER they are atheists - that way they do their own cherry picking to find as much fault as they can in it.

This is very harsh.. but I can't deny how much I agree with it.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Morality. Religion is the refuge of the morally weak and the intellectually lazy.

Dear Black Christians, you've been bamboozled.

Ok- "you are taking it out of context, historical context." Exodus Does God Approve of Slavery?

Perhaps harsh, but there are some people who are too extreme and could use a slap to the face with this.

Few things are more offensive than religious self-righteousness. "It is necessary for human survival to offend religion with reality.

This is the crux of it for me. Why do I have to accept someone's word for what a god is, or does, or wants, or thinks? If there is a god why can't it tell me something itself? PROVE IT.

This is the crux of it for me. Why do I have to accept someone's word for what a god is, or does, or wants, or thinks? PROVE IT.

one of my college professors told me he really enjoyed my essay on the dangers of patriotism.

The pyramids were built by contracted workers and they were held in high esteem and even had their own workers unions. All of this was recorded in ancient Egyptian records. It was a dangerous job and they recorded the names of the men who died during the construction of each pyramid.

will be difficult since Christians burned the library in Alexandra down about 1500 years ago.

If god himself was not able to render human nature sinless, what right had he to punishmen men for not being sinless?  ~ Jean Meslier sin

One thing atheists almost always miss: the right of a creator. Think of yourself as the creator of a virtual world.