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India is a rich visual tradition that goes back centuries. Our culture has been influenced by it going back centuries when the European explorers sailed around the tip of Africa in the 14th- 15th centuries.

An ancient door in the old city, Delhi, India. What beautiful vibrant colors that come from the Indian culture

Multi-colored traditional costumes against the sandy brown backdrop in Jaisalmer.

The streets of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India - incredibly beautiful and exotic Bathroom color inspirations

Travel Inspiration for India - Cotton Candy vendor | In India, Cotton Candy is known as 'Buddhi ke baal'  (Old woman's hair) or Bombay Mithai #India

Cotton Candy vendor also known as 'Buddhi ke baal' (Old woman's hair) or Bombay Mithai. For all people who have a sweet tooth.This gentleman and other who sell Cotton Candy can be found roaming around the markets of Mumbai.