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disco come onEilene

I went to a disco last night, they played the twist. They played Jump, I jumped. They played come on Eileen.I got kicked out for that one.

mmm.. sweet tea!  it seems that no matter where i live on this globe, i always prefer the men from the southern regions of the country.

Only I don't like my tea sweet. And I prefer British tea but I do like strong, sweet & southern men lol

How Pants Should Fit – The Principles of Fit

How Pants Should Fit – The Principles of Fit

How Pants Should Fit – The Principles of Fit (an article about wearing men's trousers).

is it worth it...that's the question.

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Best of ‘Overly Manly Man’ Meme probably one of my favorite memes :)

This overly manly man meme has got to be the greatest in the history of memes. Bitch Sticker gets me every time

You don't say!  -- Is it just me or have people become so stupid they need obvious signs???

Obvious road signs

Top 40 Funniest Minions Quotes #Humor #Pics  - Michael Eric Berrios DJMC -

Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics

Eldredge Tie Knot. Absolutely love this.

The eldredge tie knot is the Picasso of tie artistry. We'll teach you how to tie an eldredge knot, but be prepared, the eldredge knot is not easy.

Introspective Pugs

Funny pictures about 12 Introspective Pugs. Oh, and cool pics about 12 Introspective Pugs. Also, 12 Introspective Pugs photos.

"Pausing only to employ a few of Uncle Vernon's choicest swear words, he staggered back into the kitchen, clutching his head and staring out of the window into the back garden."  - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Check it. I dare you.

* Flips to page 45 of Allegiant from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. The first complete sentence reads: "We could be the last people left.

Be smart, girls. Don't give more and more when he gives less and nothing at all. He isn't worth your time. Just leave him.

This used to be one of my favorites because I didn't want to be hurt again. <=== But a kind girl kisses to show love, believes with all her heart, and knows you could leave, but trusts you enough to wait.