American Modernist illustrator Charley Harper simplified intricate and complex lines, shapes and movement through his painted art. He painted nature's gifts with precision and called it "minimal realism.

Scott Partridge - illustration - chickadees in the style of Charley Harper

This wall is for my personal inspiration for a packaging design project in graphic design.


The fabulous Charley Harper is one of our all time favourite artists here at Elsie Belle HQ!

goldfinch Scott Partridge

I LOVE the artwork of Charlotte, NC artist Scott Partridge. His style ranges from Scientific illustration to modern digital art with .

by Charley Harper

Upside Downside lithograph print by Charley Harper - Art Prints - Gallery

sculpture Idea sticks twigs with pottery/ wooden birds attached by iOTA iLLUSTRATION - For All The Birds -

This print inspires a tree for a bulliton board tree where the birds are made by a variety of students in a variety of grades. iOTA iLLUSTRATION - For All The Birds - illustrated Limited Edition - kids Animal Art Print

Výsledek obrázku pro hýl obecný

Výsledek obrázku pro hýl obecný