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Relationships last longer when no body knows your business. ~ plus it's not like it will be kept a secret.people you don't even know will know all about you and what goes on in your relationship, like my bff for example :p

what's left unsaid, says it all

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Our shouting is louder than our actions, our swords are taller than us, this is our tragedy. In short, we wear the cape of civilization, but our souls live in the stone age.


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No no, your a marriage & family destroying , ungrateful , mentally wrong woman ! What happened to you ? You are committing adultery Audrey , open your fucking eyes to the facts dear !

when i look back on my life, i see pain, mistakes, and heart ache. when i look in the mirror, i see strength, learned lessons, and pride in myself

When I look back on my life I see pain, mistakes and heart ache . When I look in the mirror I see strength, learned lessons, and pride in myself.

Love, sad. Frustrating....

You are the most important person in my life Katie. I will alway be by your side and I will sacrifice everything for you. Your happiness is the most important to me.