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Little obsessed with wolves. White Wolf: The incredibly detailed photos that reveal animal eyes in extreme close-up - wolf eye.

Картинка от amren

I've been trying to figure out if I am a polytherian, because I keep feeling phantom wings on my back and I keep seeing a bird that looks like this in my meditations. (btw I'm a Timber wolf therian)

Narcissa ouvrit les yeux. Elle était allongée sur le sol froid et humide de cette forêt. Elle tenta de se relever en vain, comme clouée à terre. Elle tourna la tête et vit ses mains tachées de sang et salies par la terre glaciale et mortelle.

I lifted their left wrist and caressed the soft humanlike skin, I expected the black paint to come off. Is it a special type of paint? How could it stay on through burns and blood?