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This amazing Graphite Eagle Pencil Sculpture by American artist AS Batle captures the grace, strength and independence of a living symbol of our nation's freedom in a beautiful and functional piece of wildlife art.

Скульптуры из графитовых стержней от Agelio Batle | Ультрамарин

Graphite Object (Swallow) by Sculptor Agelio Batle. Can draw or write with it without graphite smudging on to your hands!


Dragon Fly Classic Line of Graphite "Pencils" (Grande)- L

Angelio Batle - Salmon

Beautiful and Detailed Graphite Sculptures by Agelio Batle

Angelio Batle - Salmon

Custom: La Quinta

Custom: La Quinta

Double Finger (Ltd. ed. of 300)

Double Finger (Ltd.

Gladiola (disc.)

Gladiola (disc.)

"One of the most ancient, unchanged species of trees, the ginkgo lives as a reminder of the possibilty of immortality. The simple and natural design of its bright yellow, fan-like leaves reflects an impervious beauty, eternally unchanged by time's ravage."  By Sculptor Agelio Batle

These beautiful graphite sculptures are pencils! They come in many different shapes and yes, they write! Somehow they don't come off on your hand. From San Francisco artist Agelio Batle.