Aries Today's Fact - You can never make an Aries say sorry when we are not sorry. It will never happen.

I used to apologize for things that weren't even my fault. This Aries stands up for herself now!

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Aries Daily Fun Fact - Aries have high standards and expectations for us to keep you as a friend or a lover because we would do the same for you. aries - Google Search

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I have a few fears and I used to be scared of two people, im not scared of them anymore

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Exuberant & self-reliant, an Aries is capable of standing alone. They don't need your help.

Aries Daily Fun Fact

yeah, if I am really into something - there is an unwritten sort of commitment

Aries has mature mind but will always be playful child at heart

Aries secretly want a partner who will discover, explore and love their hidden self.