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live by kitty rules and all will be well

That feline life

I can't stand cats but wow now I can see how I am a lot like them

This is so cool. I just don't remember Artemis and Apollo having a relationship. They are twins

I can see all of this except the one with Artemis and Apollo. They are siblings and I don't recall a romantic myth between the two plus Artemis was, amongst other things the goddess of chastity. All the others modernized their mythical personalities.

Mysterious Strangers

Oh this poor man xD xD kindle clean the car silent kind actions to show he cares

Well probably Demeter has dark skin too, my interpretation personally is that the Greeks saw earth gods as darker skinned, like soil: Persephone (springtime), Gaia (earth itself), and then Demeter, agriculture. Persephone is also closer to her mother, because, well- Demeter was one of zeus's victims, not wives. Oh also Demeter and Hera were both Zeus's sisters. Eyy. But all the gods could change their appearance at will, so...

Actually, in Rick Riordan's guide to the Greek gods, Persephone is described with blonde hair and fair skin like her mother. >>> Sometimes I feel a connection to my aunt Artemis lol. but how weird / cool is this!

I apologise profusely regarding this pin... I just thought it was interesting at the start...

I apologise profusely regarding this pin. I just thought it was interesting at the start.>>> What, do vampire lesbians scare you? It makes sense, really.

When tumblr has "social justice" all wrong. Like seriously no. This is not activism that's just extra.

These aren't sjws, they're idiots and misandrists.~~~sjws are fighting for equality but these fucks are messing shit up by calling themselves sjws