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Como medir tu explosión para...

Photography Basics: the No. 1 cheat sheet for metering and exposure Digital Camera World - shows various histograms and explains them

the rule of thirds on the beach by Gina Yeo

What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography?

Composition should be considered and used purposefully in order to enhance an image. The Rule of Thirds (ROT) is one of the more well known and utilized tools a photographer has at his& disposal as a means to enhance composition within a photograph.

photo composition tips

photo composition tips

Long Exposure Photography Without Tripod

How to Do Long Exposure Photography Without a Tripod

Long Exposure Photography Without Tripod

Silhouette Photos: 10 Tips for Capturing Them

10 Incredibly Easy Ways to Take Silhouette Photos

Here's to the silhouette loving photographers! Great tips & Ideas from Courtney! I love Silhouettes - this inspires me to try a few more styles. Silhouette Photos: 10 Tips for Capturing Them.

creative composition in digital photography

Creative Composition in Digital Photography