What girl wouldn't want to step inside a Tiffany & Co. gift box? These Tiffany and Adidas pop-ups are clever plays on their iconic packaging.

Not really a window display.Tiffany and Adidas pop up shops. Packaging as shop outer cladding.

Stone Art Gallery / O- Office Architects

Gallery of Stone Art Gallery / O- Office Architects - 5

Cano Estudio "The Art of Scent 1889-2014"

Exhibition Ideas - Smells Like Art: Olfactory Art Exhibition in Madrid Explores Over 100 Years of Perfume-Making

Stand for the Federal Chamber of German Architects - ZIMIK Structural Idea for the floral kiosk, beautiful, simple structure, that will let the flowers be the focal point

Steven Bonner #type #wall

Installation for BMW at Hamburg airport by Serviceplan - stunning wall and floor graphic