Phlebotomy Terminology List  - Plus Click Through For An Interactive Practice Test! #phlebotomy

Phlebotomy Terminology List Below is a list of the most commonly used phlebotomy terminology and their definitions in alphabetical order. And, while it’s a great reference guide for students and medical professionals alike, it’s a lot more than just that!

Blood tests

Diagnostic Tests - Complete Blood Count - Lab Tests For Pets (Vet Tech Resume)

Where the stuff on the microscope slide comes from ......

Casts in Urine Presence of casts indicates that hematuria/pyuria is of renal (vs. Glomerulonephritis ischemia or malignant hypertension.


Of note: bite cells could be due to Heinz bodies, whixh requires a special stain to confirm. Bite cell occurs during pass through the spleen. Red Blood Cells -I look for these changes in red cells.