Amatis & stephan

Stephen and Amatis - Young Circle - The Mortal Instruments - Herondale boys and their great, doomed loves.

Robert Lightwood seeing his parabatai again, :( the feels. RIP

cassandrajp: *whisper into the wind* w h y ? [Robert Lightwood/Michael Wayland] Robert and Michael after Lord of Shadows…damn you, CJ!

Waywood | The Mortal Instruments

Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare Young Robert Lightwood and Michael Wayland. Random doodly fanart to wind down my day. That looks awkward you guys, rumors are going to start! (because I have this thing where I imagine all parabati as being awfully close)

cassandrajp: Things that upset me: Michael and Robert never got to take their kids on playdates and watch them grow up together as best friends

Cassandra Jean - The Shadowhunters' Wiki Robert Lightwood, Michael Wayland and their sons. What could have been *sob*