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The last comment is so damned true. If you guys would the internet for brainstorming sessions and then actually go in a giant room and build the damned thing!

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

For the first one the needle might melt and the second one the hay would be dragged along with the needles

......now there is a SMART AND CLEVER kid.........I wonder if he got extra credit for that???!!!

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.

'staying inside and ignoring people' is in my top 5 leisure activities. I love it so much I do it for a living.

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That's not even funny. On the other hand, chicken nuggets are cooked in extreme temperatures, so maybe.

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Btw "pussy" should not be an insult 'cause pussies are actually REALLY strong. They are built for popping several HUMAN BEINGS out! If you kick a penis hard it breaks.