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Penguin, South Georgia Island, photo by Max Seigal

A long penguin standing in the surf on South Georgia Island. Photo and caption by Max Seigal/National Geographic Photo Contest

We saw a few King Penguins and then noticed a special one. This bird had large white patches of feathers where there should have been dark feathers, and blotchy pink and black feet. Biologists call this particular coloration leucism.

South Georgia Island Grytviken. I think I will settle down here. Cold and isolated, just like I like it.

Isolated Settlements at the Ends of the Earth

These remote settlements are some of the most isolated in the world, including Ukivok, Punuk Islands, Deception Island and South Georgia Island near Antarctica

Shackleton’s Route, South Georgia Island - You’ll be up close and personal with penguins on black sandy beaches & hiking over crevasse-covered glaciers, all in a couple of days. It’s 22 miles long & you can cut out the glacier hiking, if you like, making it just a half-day hike (3.5 miles). The best time to trek this is during the Southern Hemisphere's summer months (December–March), but you will need a tour company to get you there and it is expensive, if not impossible, to stay on the…

Shackleton's Route, South Georgia Island, South Atlantic/Antarctica Best For: Explorers; travelers already on guided Antarctic journeys Distance: 22 miles from King Haakon Bay to Stromness, including glacier travel

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Penguin Chick: "Please Mom, can I tuck myself into your warm feathers? I'm feeling rather cold." Or he's just really tired.poor little guy.

Harker Glacier at South Georgia Island

Where to See Glaciers Before They Disappear

Harker Glacier at South Georgia Island