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Tintagel Castle. Een van de mooiste plaatsen in Engeland. Must see
Glastonbury Abbey, King Arthur's final resting place.
ondergrondse stad
Tintangel- legendary home of King Arthur.  Debbie M/ata
Bekijk de foto van allinliving met als titel Extreme tuinen door landschap kunstenaar Charles Jencks. en andere inspirerende plaatjes op
Glastonbury Tor | Since the alleged discovery of Arthur and Guinevere's remains in the 12th century, it has been claimed that Glastonbury Tor stands on the site of ancient Avalon, the island where Arthur died following his final battle against Mordred. Once surrounded by marshland, Glastonbury Tor was virtually an island during the Dark Ages.

Camelot: discovering the legend of King Arthur around Britain

De doorzichtige kerk van Borgloon in België - Nieuws - Droomplekken
The Bastei Bridge
Glastonbury Tor in south west England is a magical and beautiful place.  Myths and legends surround it...some say it is the entrance to the fabled Isle of Avalon, and that it is tied closely with the legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail.  Even if none of that holds any interest for you, the Tor and the nearby Chalice Well and garden (said to be the final resting place of the Holy Grail) are incredibly beautiful and well worth a visit!

Fabulous Friday Foto: Glastonbury Tor in Soutwest England