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The best champagne cocktails worth trying at brunch

All The Champagne Cocktails You'll Ever Need

Don't Drink and Drive Beer Bottle Cap.

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Media Don't Drink and Drive Beer Bottle Cap. Very creative and awesome. Thought went into this but it is very powerful and sends a good message.

Testing Trendy....1, 2, 3: Moscato Punch

Recommended by Stewart :) Looks like a great summer drink!Ingredients: 2 bottles Moscato 1 pink lemonade concentrate 3 C of Sprite (more or less, depending on your taste) Fresh raspberries or strawberries (optional)

1920's was the age of new-found optimism, excitement and euphoria, but also a time of lavish excess & decadence. This was the age when any kind of "giggle water" was drunk & Absinthe in particular was drunk with carefree abandon........

Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe

Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe January 2011 i 'Every year Stranger & Stranger sends out a stunning, limited edition custom designed bottle of liquor. This year, Absinthe made the cut, and the results are stunning.

For a punch bowl you will use 1 bottle wine, 1 container of lemonade, and half a liter of sprite. I like to freeze the fruit so it can also be used to keep the punch cold.  If you would like to make individual glasses of Mommy Punch use half wine, half lemonade, half a can of sprite per wine glass. Then garnish with fruit and enjoy

Mother’s day ~Moscato Wine Punch~ Mommy Juice

Summer drink: Moscato wine punch, its a super delish Summer cocktail. So when 5 o'clock rolls around get those car keys and rush home for the super wonderful cocktail.

Spiked Blue Raspberry Lemonade recipe....I bet you can substitute hypnotic for the vodka or do half and half

Spiked Blue Raspberry Lemonade - 2 shots of UV Blue Raspberry vodka, one water bottle, one packet of Crystal Light lemonade. [I actually do this a lot because regular juices have SO much added sugar!

@Laura Fischer RASPBERRY beritas! I would like this at my coming back party #alcohol #raspberry #vodka

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Love the chalkboard paint glasses and this recipe sounds good.Raspberry Beer Cocktail cup frozen raspberries* 3 bottles beer, chilled 1 container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, thawed cup vodka Garnish: lemon and lime slices