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Blue-footed Booby in the Galapagos. View On Black Got up to Explore Oct Thanks! Also, the approach If you like this guy, be sure to check out the other blue-footed booby shots in my photostream.

The blue-footed booby. Males take great pride in their fabulous feet & during mating rituals, male birds show off their feet to prospective mates with a high-stepping strut. The bluer the feet, the more attractive the mate.

The blue-footed booby has a long neck, a sharp bill, and bright blue feet. It has brown wings, and its head and neck are brown with black streaks.

Steller's Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri)

Steller's jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) Also known as the long-crested jay, mountain jay, and pine jay

Abundant Eagles ~ Homer, Alaska  Our home away from home <3

Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska--this is a wild place, beyond beautiful!

cyanocorax mystacalis - modrowronka białosterna

White-tailed Jays (Cyanocorax mystacalis): Origin, Description, Photos, Diet and Breeding

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Did you know that Ravens not only remember people who help them, but also that they tell their friends about the kindness? In field studies,.

these also live off the coast of Mexico.. - http://www.familjeliv.se/?http://ofpu556420.blarg.se/amzn/dzdm340964

Dancing Blue-Footed Booby, for some reason, I love these things, I think it's the blue feet.


Blue Footed Booby ~ Galapagos Islands Isn't this a beautiful bird. Next time you call someone a booby."say your a blue footed booby.

Blue Footed Booby

Blue-footed Booby,by The Blue-footed Booby is a marine bird in the family Sulidae, which includes ten species of long-winged seabirds. Blue-footed boobies belong to the genus Sula, which comprises six species of boobies


Fluffy bird ''Slingshot me to Rio'' by photographer Carla Stringari Pudler

Blue Footed Booby, Galapagos Islands | A1 Pictures

Blue Footed Booby, Galapagos Islands Cannot wait to visit the Galápagos Islands!