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Bunny Cake Idea
Easter cupcakes
Easter Bunny Cupcake Recipe | The Daily Meal
Teacher appreciation and Easter all rolled in to one with this cute printable.
Barnyard first birthday - Barnyard sheet cake.  Chocolate WASC with vanilla pudding and strawberries.  Fondant decorations.  Thanks to a fellow CC'er for the design idea.
boot koek
Beelden die me inspireren om lekker zélf aan de slag te gaan. - Leuk om met kinderen te knutselen voor Pasen.
How to get super smooth icing. This is all pretty much standard for anyone who makes a lot of cakes, but one thing is key: make the "top" the "bottom". Buh-bye annoying tiny mountain ridge around the top edge.
Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls - The Shabby Creek Cottage