I still think Jeff is beautiful even though his psycopath side

Jeff and Liu from before. Yea, you really have changed Jeff-not like it's really surprising in a way it is surprising

Matt Jeevas and Ticci-Toby..... Long lost brothers? Ya probs

Matt Jeevas and Ticci-Toby. Ya probs (Different person comment: I was thinking about the goggles thing just an hour before finding this.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho creepypasta chibi

Human creepypastas/eyeless jack, jeff the killer, ben drowned, masky hoodie their so kawaii ^-^

Even CreepyPastas need to know they belong... So cute .. but then they drew on his face too XD

Me: *hugz Bloody Painter* Bloody Paiter: *hugz back* Masky: HUGZ! *tackles us* Me and Bloody Painter: *laughing* HUGZ!

slenderman and splendorman inspired outfits by NENEBUBBLEELOVER on DeviantArt

slenderman and splendorman inspired outfits hope u like it! slenderman and splendorman inspired outfits

Love this pic going from the top BEN Drowned,.,Laughing Jack,and Glitch Red