Effectively Teaching with iPads - Tunstalls Teaching Tidbits- greeat tutorials and ideas for using ipads in project based learning

Effectively Teaching with iPads

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Effectively Teaching with iPads- This is perfect for including technology in the classroom. I cannot wait to do this next year!

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The Chronicle of the Earth: lapbook - lovely multi-sensory lap book. Lots of shape, color, folding,etc.

101 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers You Should Know About | @iSchoolLeader Magazine

101 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers You Should Know About

101 Web Tools for Teachers You Should Know About. This is a great list of 101 Web tools teachers can use in the classroom.

This wiki has a TON of information on iPad apps for education!  There are links to two other app databases plus this wiki has categorized apps based on subject, type, grade level, activities/tutorials, and "other".  I LOVE the Bloom's Taxonomy of iPad Apps category.

Teach With Your iPad - wiki with apps organized by subject, type, grade level, etc

Literacy centers with iPads, but check out the rest of this site too...they have different grade level app lists for grades 1-5!

Today our second graders started using the iPads in their literacy centers. We set up the iPads so there are three screens of apps -- on.

The Slanted Apostrophe

The Slanted Apostrophe: In the iPad Classroom : Using Interactive Whiteboards for Presentations

Tons of project ideas for project-based learning from @Cindy West (Our Journey Westward)

Project-Based Learning Project List

Project-based learning is an awesome method of homeschooling. This post gives you a comprehensive list of potential projects to use.

Explorer Elementary Student Projects - Students of various grades from Explorer Elementary share their work.

Eric presented on PBL THIS SUMMER at two conferences! Videos that showcase Project Based Learning and experiences at a variety of grade levels.

Communicate, Collect & Collaborate with Sticky Notes

Communicate, Collect & Collaborate with Sticky Notes — Tony Vincent - Learning in Hand. Both of these sites work on the iPad