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Pegboard headboard. We are not keeping a lot of furniture, but we're keeping the bed, which has no headboard but lots of storage underneath. I love this solution.

An Ode to Pegboard: A Small Space Solution for Every Room

Fabulous bedroom with a white peg board headboard behind bed simply dressed in white bed linens layered with a gray faux fur throw.

Minimalist design is all about keeping it simple, but that doesn’t mean your design can’t still be modern and unique! A lot of headboards tend to add a lush vibe to a room (especially if they are fabric-covered or tufted), but I find that for a more industrial design there is nothing better than natural [...]

DIY Minimalist Plywood Shelf Headboard

0 CommentsYou can never really go wrong with a minimalist plywood look, and it seems that it's turned into a classic after all these years. It doesn't really seem to be dating itself and if …

Sleep Architecture: A Blueprint for Happier Sleep

Sleep Architecture: A Blueprint for Happier Sleep