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I barely dodged this bullet, but so glad I did.

Add onto the list a cheater. If they cheated on someone to marry you, well expect them to continue the habit. Things that should have been taught by parents, along with warning signs for the above.

How i feel about love , all love! Not simply the romantic.

"She has a quiet confidence that screams loud. She is humble, but strong. She is stable, but rebellious. She is giving, but not naive. She chooses her battles wisely. She'll stay silent until its time to fight.and when that time comes; FIGHT she does"

You have no idea. It feels good to feel good. So glad I "Kept Going". They mean it when they say ... It only gets better. Cheers!

A Woman of Self-Confidence ~ created by Jovita.(written for me by Assistant) I am Honored she felt this way.I am proud to work for this lovely classy woman Mrs. I admire and respect her.Love to her, Mia


Walk like you have three men walking behind you. -Oscar de la Renta Or you could walk however the hell you want because this is the century and our lives do not revolve around men sorry this quote really irks me because its written by a man for women

Never have. Never will.

I am an alpha female. We don't play well with many other females for the simple fact, our personalities are just too strong but my heart is still soft. But we love other alpha females