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Namaste in my black clothes. Thank you very much  #Alternative #Goth #Gothic…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Namaste in my black clothes. Thank you very much yoga clothes acceptable and goth is not

How to Rock the Old School Goth Look

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Pop Punk: Stickers

This is the End

Affectionately titled "The Gothic Color Palette" Design and Concept by Egregore Design Available.


I wear black semi-often, and I do wear eyeliner and love rock / metal music. Im not goth , emo, or scene . Just me. I am who I am and I'll be who I want to be.

Why would we think anything else?

So true! I wouldn't say I am "goth" but definatly love that style and totally agree with this.

Hey, they actually got it right! Well, the goth one is a bit plain compared to other gothic styles, but I think it's still goth anyway

I'm a mix of emo, goth, metalhead, punk, rebel and scene.

Like it’s so true. Like this isn’t Victorious secrets that’s five stores away, honey this is hot Topic.

This one time I went to hot topic, and there were these girls that were all like "This is an emo store" and Im there like.

Okay. Everyone needs to stop Commenting on this if you have nothing nice to say! This is not girl on girl hate! This is just a pin saying who I am!

(@ all the ppl saying this is putting down normal girls) normal girls make fun of me. Normal girls bully me. Normal girls are the ones putting ME down and THEY ARE THE REASON I LISTEN TO THESE BANDS. They are the reason I'm not normal.


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