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Maunsell Sea Forts, North Sea, England – These were designed to protect England from a potential Nazi invasion during WWII. Today, they’re empty and provide an eerie silhouette over the ocean’s horizon.

Finally, a different shot of the Red Sands, Maunsell Sea Forts that we haven't seen posted here before. Photo by [OS]

Staff photo by Evan Lewis. The site of the old Air Force radar dome at the Texarkana Regional Airport is being considered for a Cold War museum.

Abandoned Air Force radar dome,Texarkana,Arkansas (U. Air Force Radar Museum Association officials took a close look at Texarkana Regional Airport last year as they scoped out a prospective site for a Cold War commemorative museum)

Red Sand Fort - Was a Thames Estuary WW2 fort manned by the British Army. Each tower armed with a 3.7 inch anti aircraft gun.

The fort was subsequently declared unsafe, and Red Sands Radio has moved its operations ashore to Whitstable.

Maunsell abandoned Army Sea Forts, Red Sands Shivering Sands, Thames estuary, UK

Deserted Places: Maunsell Forts: The abandoned sea forts from World War II

The Maunsell Sea Forts. During the Second World War, the British Royal Navy constructed a series of sea forts for an advanced line of defense against inbound air raids and potential sea invasions.

Red Sands Sea Forts - Sealand, United Kingdom- The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth Just Might Give You Chills.

These 10 eerie abandoned sea forts, anti-submarine towers and other offshore military platforms across the world, include Maunsell Forts and Texas Towers.

10 Abandoned Sea Forts, Towers & Anti-Submarine Platforms

The Historic Maunsell Sea Forts off the Coast of England - Urban Ghosts Media

(1. Maunsell Sea Forts, UK - continued)  Photo: Google

Pinned to reference the structure of the top area of the Fort, as well as a slight view of the access point.

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maunsell sea forts mersey - Google Search