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appropriate caption bicycle-bloomers1894

Londonderry inspired this girl to 'dream' of bloomers!

Ever since my first season in Egypt, when I had sometimes found myself uncomfortably, not to say dangerously, encumbered by the absurd female attire fashion forces upon the helpless female form, I had been refining and improving my working costume.-Amelia Peabody, Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters(x)

come to me, walking suit. I keeess you. Walking bloomer suit, from "A Study in Bloomers" 1895


I continue to be astounded at how long it took to develop the bicycle, and at how society tried to keep women from riding! Gilded Age attire for the new craze of bicycling, for men and women. Depicted here in the, The Ladies Standard Magazine, June

Amelia Bloomer influenzò gli anni con il suo ideale che riteneva che il corpetto fosse uno strumento di tortura, quindi propose un abbigliamento che permetesse alle donne di muoversi liberamente

Amelia Bloomer created the Dress Reform Costume, consisting of a tunic and loose trousers. She was ridiculed for the costume, but in time women started using it to ride bicycles and do other activities.

being silly on bicycles, 1890s

A post on how to buy a bicycle on International Women's Day? The connection is not so far-fetched: Susan Anthony, one of America's most influential suffragettes said: She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of