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The New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz has designed his latest cool project called Magistral Cabinet with bamboo skewers, they act as a protective armor, safely holding one's personal belongings within.

Sebastian ERRAZURIZ artist+designer NYC magistral cabinet

Named Magistral Cabinet surface covered with more than bamboo skewer. Bamboo skewer motif that reaches thousands drawn up, thereby creating a form with dynamic effects and fantastic. Modern storage space is equipped with lots of hidden drawers.

Galeria - Aparador Wave / Sebastián Errazuriz - 6

Galeria de Aparador Wave / Sebastián Errazuriz - 6

Sebastian Errazuriz’s transforming wave cabinet opens with undulating movement ~ Shirking the vestiges of traditional cabinetry, designer Sebastian Errazuriz.

sebastian errazuriz rethinks cabinetry with wave and magistral chest

These furniture pieces cleverly transform into something completely unexpected. Let's look at 5 Must-See Shape-Shifting Furniture Pieces.


“The space between the void” (Kaleidoscope Cabinet) by Sebastian Errazuriz. This piece has a peep hole on the side so that when its doors are closed, the viewer can peer inside to see the objects in a kaleidoscopre effect.

Sebastian Errazuriz

Explosion, Modular Furniture by Sebastian Errazuriz

Delta Collection, Theca by Studio Formafantasma | http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/studio-formafantasma-delta-collection/

Delta Collection by Formafantasma

Jet Setter 12 shoes for 12 lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz

3D-printed shoes that represent 12 of Sebastian Errazuriz's lovers

Jet Setter 12 shoes for 12 lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz Frakes Skies Studios