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The creatives at Y&R New Zealand have made "Free Your Skin," an ad campaign for Schick NZ that features men with animal beards. Their human beards fused wi

Men and Women's Sporting Fashions from 1920 - men used to take such care over their appearance

Hart Schaffner Marx catalog images from the Interesting to see how high the trousers are hemmed.

http://hackedmotionsensors.tumblr.com/post/90968086684/part-2-of-western-au-okay-so-honestly-the-real  Cherik Western AU!

Western AU - Erik "Magneto" Lehnsherr is an outlaw, and Charles Xavier is the sheriff of a small frontier town. It goes about as well as you would expect.

Plays With Needles: Sidetracked by Korean Textiles

gorgeous images from photogrpaher kim kyung soo for korean vogue korean traditional dresses with a modern glamorized spin. an amazing editorial.

Wearable sculptures based on a 3D scan of the body by Daniel Widrig 3d Printed Fashion

Wearable sculptures based on a 3D scan of the body by Daniel Widrig

Daniel Widrig creates wearable sculptures based on a scan of the body -- London architect Daniel Widrig is presenting a collection of wearable sculptures during Design Miami this week, including one that looks like an exoskeleton.