Marie Desbons

My absolute favorite is french illustrator Marie Desbons- her work is so elaborate and full of details and patterns , I just love it.


(Mon grain d' sel)

Post of Marie Desbons illustration, 2014 [Fashion very stylized, but one can recognize French overtones.

So cool. A watersaving tool. Such a happy elephant to take with you in bath (

//PILUSH - shovalshavit - His name is Pilush! It takes up an area and volume of the bath and saves up to 60 liters.

Game of ThronesBy Manuel Kilger

This is an illustration I made for the Geek-Art Game of Thrones art show celebrating the start of the third season. It opened in Paris at the Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Mond last week.For people who didn’t read the book by now, beware of spoilers.