It's all about the hair. Their beautiful perfect hair.

So hot UGH<<< i would make the joke about how dans hair is on fire but yk its DANIEL HOWELL so HOWELL do i make a joke about that.ill show myself the door.


I don't think I can trust the conversation, but what the fuck Dan…also nearly half of the Phandom are FBI level stalkers

Poor thing omg

Poor thing omg<<< noo danyul you can't stop taking them like that :(

This is so perfect because i have black hair and i love black hoodies, just like the pic... and have existensial crisises too :3

I wonder if I'll ever find anyone to say it's okay when I break into an existential crisis/over thinking mode.

I loved this

Weird sentences with Phil

Legit when most people join the phandom at first

Oh God Felix :DDD I remember watching this back when I didn't know who Dan or Phil was<<<same i couldn't even tell them apart