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The western blue-tongued lizard, Tiliqua occipitalis, has a blue tongue, which contrasts with the pink interior of its mouth. When threatened, it opens its mouth and sticks out its tongue in a threat display. If the initial display is unsuccessful, it may hiss and flatten out its body in an attempt to make itself look bigger. More about this lizard: http://eol.org/pages/790461/details Image by John Sullivan via iNaturalist (cc-by-nc): http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/344033

Image of Tiliqua occipitalis - Encyclopedia of Life

Flying Fox tree is my favorite kind of tree!:)

bat tree: flying foxes in sydney central, sydney, nsw, australia

Viperine Snake, Natrix maura, from Kenitra (Marruecos), Morocco by J. Gállego via Flickr (cc-by-nc-sa): http://www.flickr.com/photos/javig/5874761936/

Natrix maura - Encyclopedia of Life

Giant pandas are no longer endangered. There are now of them in the wild, changing their status from “endangered” to “vulnerable.” This happened because of an increase of giant pandas being born in China.

Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (Full Length. HD) Would you like to know how the accumulation effect of the uptake of Roundup within our agriculture and why many Americans have issues with mineral deficiency and autoimmune diseases affect our bodies.  How does biotechnology of associate chemicals have been discovered and their adverse findings.

We need as much info on this as possible -Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (Full Length

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