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To disconnect while suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms is not a voluntarily decision but precipitated by necessity.

Patterns of Connection and Disconnection in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms


Get ready, Get Set…… GO Botanical Artists! In 2009 I was having a difficult time justifying to myself painting very large paintings that could take months to do, I was busy teaching and trying to make a living in a

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Charles Santoso is a concept artist and art director based in Sydney, Australia and currently working for Animal Logic.

(Charles Santoso) if I were to ever get a character tattoo it would be something like the Cheshire cat and dormouse one.


Are Deborah Simon’s Flayed Bears pieces faux taxidermy or contemporary art? You tell us after you’ve seen these quirky anatomy studies in fur.

Joy Charbonneau's Hydrological Map of Canada - The Gaspe and St. Lawrence

Vast, interconnected and stunningly beautiful: A view of Canada's waterways

A vast land stripped of imposed borders, latitudinal hierarchies and self-important markings of human settlement create a single image of astonishing abundance

Дизайн детских площадок от мегапрофессионалов

These wonderfully imaginative playgrounds are by Danish playground design firm Monstrum. We see the world as a place full of colour.

Fuco Uedo    http://cuadernoderetazos.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/fuco-ueda-20.jpg

Hailing all the way from Japan, Fuco Ueda is a super-talented artist whose paintings feature beautiful women in surreal situations. To create these intrigu

Born in Japan in 1979, Fuco Ueda graduated from the Tokyo Polytechnic University of Arts Graduate School in 2003. Her fanciful and surrealistic painti...

The Dark Whimsy of Fuco Ueda

Born in Japan in Fuco Ueda graduated from the Tokyo Polytechnic University of Arts Graduate School in Her fanciful and surrealistic painti.