DIANA schedule. 7 am wakeup and coffee. 8 am swim. 9-10 am gym. A bit dicier was her decision to jog at night--9-11 pm--so as not to be recognized.

August 21 1993 Diana got in a set of tennis at London's Vanderbilt Racquet Club

Princess Diana

Leaving the Chelsea Harbour Club after going to their gym George lOvely late geandma

Diana's last holiday, 1997.

July Prince Harry, Prince William and Lady Diana went to St. Tropez for a summer vacation.

Princess Diana - she was good at everything, including getting rid of an ignorant self-indulgent mean monarchy.

22 August 1994 exiting the back way, through the loading dick at the Chesea Harbour club, the week of the phone scandal

Diana would still be in style today! Her taste was ahead of her time!

Diana Princess of Wales looks oh so chic in a sleeveless black dress and her ubiquitous choker pearls. Princess Diana is also holding a small wrapped gift.