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this is scarily accurate

Joining a fandom. So accurate. Also, it's so amazing we make Harry Potter references about all fandoms because we're all in the Harry Potter fandom (n_n)

<3 <3 <3 THIS... this a HUNDRED times over! And let's not forget about Mighty President Collins and her post-apocalyptic masterpieces.

the forging of the epics Vickers Hafemann Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, GRRM, Narnia, Twilight. Though I still take issue with the end of the Narnia books.


The reason I started watching The Late Late Show after Craig Ferguson left.

This is so accurate

I'm pretty sure the Hufflepuffs are the ones trying not to pee, not the Gryffindors. Just sayin. Hufflepuffs have fine patience, it's the Gryffindors that need work.


Doctor Who - Supernatural - Sherlock - Merlin - Harry Potter - Lord of the Rings just about all my favorite things

Fandom Medley!!! this is amazing, 3 minutes long with songs from Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star wars, LOTR, and Doctor Who!

This is music taken from Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and The Lord Of The Rings- You need to listen to this RIGHT NOW.--- All I need now is the ability to play the piano.