Nana is not very mobile? Nooooo problem!!!

It's one of my biggest complaints that ana can't get to those kinda places.

All of the girls (Overwatch) - 9GAG

All of the girls (Overwatch)

nakanoart: “ Mercy: “Gather around, girls. It’s time for a group photo. This will be a fine testiment to our strength.” Tracer: “Come on Widowmaker, don’t be shy!” Symmetra: “What’s going on!

Mother of Dragons Mother of Monsters

Huh,My ultimately ready,Better use it-I said before Ana boosted me-AHHHHHHHH!-I yelled as I killed fucking everyone-//Ana:-Thumbs up while I breath heavily-

I don't ship pharah x mercy... But the Tracer at the end was too funny

Burst with excitement!

I don't ship pharah x mercy. But the Tracer at the end was too funny<<BLOODY 'ELL