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Diy diamond painting Girl on the beach mosaic stick cotton Crafts square full rhinestone unfinished needlework embroidery

Mamma e figlia

Family Retreat by Pino (Pino Dangelico), a limited edition available from J Watson Fine Art 661 your source for Pino art.


Summer's Day by Pino Daeni. Handmade oil painting reproductions for sale, Always custom made on premium grade canvas by talented artists.

意大利画家Pino Daeni油画作品欣赏

Kai Fine Art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world.

"Best of Days", by American artist - Sandra Kuck

This makes me think of Mormor as a young mother. Her first three children were born in 1914 and this third being my mother. She had six more children over the years. Best of Days ~ Sandra Kuck

Pino Daeni

"Evening Thoughts" ~ Pino, born Guiseppe D'angelico in Bari, Italy. He became one of the foremost book cover illustrators (over in the United States before establishing a reputation as a fine-art figure and landscape painter.