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Dear: pervs, stalkers, creepers, et al, this is Pinterest! Not Facebook and not a dating site! Read over again until you get the message. Then read again. Have a nice day :)

Please make your lame, desperate, insignificant point ELSEWHERE. Sincerely, someone who enjoys debating crucial issues face to face when the occasion calls for it, get out of here with your desperate ass wanting attention from all these men

Dave Engledow Is 'World's Best Father' With Daughter Alice Bee [PHOTOS]. The olympic onsie and the coffee mug are the icing!!

LOOK: 'World's Best Father'

This guy's father/daughter pictures are the funniest thing ever. check out the gallery. I have seriously been looking for 20 minutes. These are hilarious. Best father daughter pics ive ever seen

Get me a bottle of Lucozade, a packet of KP Meanies and a Marlboro Light! STAT!

"Which one of you dwarves makes the greasiest egg sandwich?" View "Snow White Hungover" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

I officially have a stalker.who has created SEVERAL fake fb pages my friends/boyfriend just to stalk my life. You sick bitch

Damn Africa, what happened?! #MeanGirls10thAnniversary

Sexy Culonass ®🍑👯 on

Silence is golden... Unless you have kids. OMG!!! Just imagine the parents of these kids reactions when they found them!! Bahahahaha

Those little rascals…

Funny pictures about Valid reasons to never have kids. Oh, and cool pics about Valid reasons to never have kids. Also, Valid reasons to never have kids.

I know...the language...but the face was priceless.

why am i in the water. why is he and wtf is that seriously haha hope you enjoy. why am i in the water is he and wtf that seriously haha hope you enjoy

stalker love

Hannah Heath: The Rise of "Creeper Romance" in YA Fiction (And Why it Needs to…

Mason jars, honeyfund jars, and thumbprint guestbooks need to die a slow, painful death

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol


XD I wish I could do this so I didn't have to hang out with sertain people DX